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This is a remake of the classic 8-bit game Cauldron from Palace Software. 

You have waited a long time for tonight and now you could become the witch queen, at last. You will need the golden broom but it is guarded by the pumpkin king. Only a special potion from your cauldron will give you the power to put an end to his reign. 

You know that the ingredients are scattered throughout the crypt, the volcanic cave and the underground river, but first you will need the keys to gain entrance to those dangerous places.

Don't crash into the trees, and avoid the bats. Evil plants and many other creatures will try to stop you. If you face these dangers with courage and wisdom, you will achieve your goal.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorSerranito online
Tags128k, 48k, 8-Bit, sinclair, spectrum, zx, ZX Spectrum
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


The Witch 1.0.1.zip 594 kB

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Smooth and fun. Land almost anywhere, can shoot any enemy before it darts for you, enemies above behave very differently (nice shooting G2A plants :) ) no enemy hinders your walks for keys and doors. Much more plannable underground walks, nice lava spits inside the volcano.

The minuses so far:

The moon is not in full. :)

Too straight and easy underground caves.

I've managed to walk into the rock and die (when going too far past the door without a key).

I've jumped up-down on the lift (southeastern corner of the volcano) and eventually just fell through it (doing no left-right movement). Maybe it's the AGS engine.

Too small collected items icons.

The inventory limit of 2 is extended to full six, so it's too easy to pass a cave with its 3 items. The casket and pot are also missing, so the volcano and crypt can be done in any order and just once. Maybe using this original trick tasks with added magic springs to replenish magic would do better.

And what about the logo? Doesn't it remind of something?

Thanks for playing the game and also for taking the time to write an extensive feedback :)

Just a few explanations:

As an ancient philosopher said, half moon requires half the bytes

The idea for the game difficulty was to make the caves fairer and easier than the original. I hope we didn't go too far. By the way... Have you finished the game with 3 lives or more remaining? In that case, respect. If not, maybe it's not that easy ;)

Rocks past the doors have a deadly enchantment to protect the doors from those who try to enter without the key. Sorry :(

That platform has always been a bit wild but this doesn't happen all the time, though. I just can say that it is not a completely desired feature (-_-;) At least, I think you are safe if you try to pass that part with care.

Collected icons are 8x8, I wish we had had memory enough for a larger graphic

Do you like backtracking in games? I'm afraid we don't like it very much. On the other hand, magic springs were close to be included but, again, we ran out of memory

If our logo reminds you of something maybe you are not young anymore :P

Thanks again for having a go. We hope you had fun.


Wow, lovely work!! Very stylish reinterpretation.

What crimes did the plants commit? Why are they evil? :0


HOlaaa. Está muy bien. tiene todos los ingredientes. Puedes ir por el aire y caminar por el suelo, disparar por el aire, hay plataformas móviles y muchos objetos y tipos de enemigos. enhorabuena!

Hola FitoSoft, ¡qué bien que te guste el juego! :)

Gracias por probarlo.

Un saludo.


I would like to play the game on my real ZX Spectrum 128 or on the Spectrum Next: could you make a .tap version to use it with a DIVIDE or with a NEXT? Or even a .wav (or mp3) to put it on a real tape?
I think many users would be happy to don't play this game on emulators.

Hello SpectrumKomix, the .TAP files have been included in the download and they should be available now.

Thank you for your interest in the game.



Thank you guys! So far, my gf and I are loading your game on my real Speccy using PlayZX. I will download the .tap version asap! You rocks, the game looks great!